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Jonathan E. Adams

President, Outsourced IT Service

About Me

Jonathan E. Adams, a prominent figure in both the corporate world and the community in Easton, Massachusetts, and across the New England region, has deep roots in the area. Adams not only established a business that provides outsourced information technology services in 1997, but he also maintains an active position in the support of the schools and youngsters in his area. Adams, together with his wife Coni, is involved in a number of different positions to provide support for a wide variety of philanthropic organizations and events. Wizard Computer Services, Inc. is owned by Adams, who also acts as the company's president. The firm serves the broader New England region and offers information technology (IT) solutions in the fields of consulting, installation, maintenance, and managed services. A diverse group of business customers' requirements are expertly met by a workforce of hardworking individuals.

Jonathan E. Adams has extensive industry relationships and endorsements in the disciplines of real estate and information technology since he is an expert in both of these areas. He is now the CEO of multiple different organizations, which has provided him with extensive business expertise across a wide variety of fields. One of the most significant moments in Adams' professional life was when the company he worked for, Wizard Computer Services, Inc., celebrated their 25th year in operation. During this time span, the organization has counted more than 700 commercial customers as happy with its services. Adams was the driving force behind the expansion of the firm, which went from having one employee to having more than twenty people under his leadership. In addition to this, Adams is proud of the enormous contributions he has made to many philanthropic and community organizations.

Adams, who is a married and the father of four children, is actively involved in his community and often volunteers his time to work for philanthropic organizations in a variety of ways. Adams works with organizations such as Team Intestinal Fortitude, for which he was awarded the title of Man of the Year in 2014, in addition to volunteering for a large number of roles at schools, sometimes in conjunction with his own children. His hobbies are often related to athletics, and he has, at varying periods and in a variety of roles, held jobs for the football, baseball, and golf teams at the institution where he attended. His time spent as the coach of the 4th grade Easton Tigers, who went on to win the Super Bowl, stands out as a highlight of his efforts. In his leisure time, Adams likes to exercise weights and play golf. These hobbies are in addition to his other interests.